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My work encompasses both the outer world of street and nature photography and inner perceptions of a cosmos consisting of energy, light and movement. Some bodies of work are straight depictions of the human condition. Others are pure appreciation of birds and landscapes. And much of my most recent work is a distillation of meditations exploring cosmic connections - delving into the nature of water and light, finding wonder and mystery in reflections and ripples - seeing the universe in a wave or the interconnectedness of a wet leaf and the night sky. I use digital techniques to blur photography and painting, matter and spirit.

Articles, Blogs, Interviews and Reviews:

Griffin Museum of Photography - "Viewing the natural world and its tiny universes can lead to galactic ideas and visions. L. Aviva Diamond captures light and movement in visions that seem galactic in scale, yet look at small surroundings. Her connection to the landscape crafts celestial visions."


Diversions LA - "Euphoric and filled with a swirling dance that pulls the viewer within them, these sensational abstract images transport the viewer to another world that is both mysterious and magical."


Art and Cake - "One enters a stunning spiritual space that crosses boundaries between dreamscape and natural beauty; the viewer enters a dazzling space that is at once haunting and holy. It would be hard to overstate the lush loveliness of the images, which pull the viewer in as if born on an all-encompassing wave." - Genie Davis, Art and Cake


Art and Cake - "Diamond has captured the mystical human/nature experience in these works by giving us a deep, rich glimpse into simple complexity. Slow down…and read…the textures of her visual poetry." - Jennifer Susan Jones, Art and Cake


Diversions LA - "Diamond allows viewers to slip beneath a shifting surface to reach something far deeper, an ethereal and transcendent cosmology, from which she shapes work that transport and expand." - Genie Davis, Diversions LA


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Exhibition History - Solo Shows:

2021 – “Birds” – UCLA Hillel

2020 – “Light Stream” – Gallery 825, Los Angeles

2018-2019 – “Light Streams – Moorpark College Art Gallery

Exhibition History - Group Shows:

2022 – The Loft at Liz’s – “Aviary” curated by Betty Brown

2022 – PhotoPlace Gallery – The Magic of Lightjuried by Ann Jastrab

2022 – Gallery 825 – “2021 Open Show juried by Peter Frank

2021-2022 - Griffin Museum of Photography - "Once Upon A Time"

2021 – Griffin Museum of Photography – “Winter Solstice”

2021 - MOAH:Cedar - "Perceive Me"

2021 - Griffin Museum of Photography - "Splash"

2021 - Torrance Art Museum - "NOMAD"

2021 - Studio Channel Islands - "Perceive Me"

2021 - TAG Gallery - "2021 Los Angeles Open"

2021 – Brittany Davis Gallery – "Thinking of You"

2020-21 – Jewish Art Alliance – “From a Narrow Place: Images of Resilience” - Virtual Exhibition

2020-21 – Gallery 825 – “Open Show” curated by Shana Nys Dambrot

2020 – "Exposition d'Art Miniature" curated by Kate Carvellas

2020 – Gallery 825 – “Behind the Mask” (online group exhibit)

2020 – Gallery 825 – “Exalted One” (online group exhibit)

2020 – Torrance Art Museum - "Hobson's Choice" Virtual Exhibition

2020 – Griffin Museum of Photography - “Corona: It’s All About The Light” curated by Paula Tognarelli (online group exhibit)

2020 – El Camino College Art Gallery - “What Is It About Trees” curated by Susanna Meiers

2020 – Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery, California State University, Los Angeles- “Perceive Me” curated by Kristine Schomaker

2020 – Gallery 825, Los Angeles - “Floating Worlds” juried by Juri Koll, Venice Institute of Contemporary Art

2019 – “CA 101” curated by Nina Zak Laddon

2019 – TAG Gallery – HoldYou Foundation 4th Annual Art Auction

2019 – LA UP Gallery – “SEXPOSED” curated by Colette Von

2019 – Artillery Magazine – “Code Orange” finalist in July/August & September/October

2019 – TAG Gallery – “California Open Exhibition” juried by Ruth Weisberg

2019 – TAG Gallery – “Lyme Away 4 Silent Auction”

2019 – Annenberg Space for Photography – Photoville LA – “With Water/Without Water”

2019 – Inland Empire Museum of Art – Panel Discussion – “Creativity and Photography”

2018 – Center for Fine Art Photography – “Black & White 2018 Exhibition” – juried by Catherine Couturier

2018 – MuzeuMM and Venice Institute of Contemporary Art – “Out In The Street” curated by Juri Koll

2018 – TAG Gallery - “California Open Exhibition” juried by Kim Abeles

2018 – Art Share LA - "Perimeter V"

2018 – Gallery 825 - Los Angeles Art Association Annual Benefit Auction

2018 – “CA 101” curated by Nina Zak Laddon

2018 – Silverlake Coffee – Exhibit curated by Dulce Stein

2018 – Center for Fine Art Photography - “Illuminate 2018” juried by Peggy Sue Amison

2018 – LA Artcore - “LA Artcore 2nd Annual Photographic Competition and Exhibition”

2018 – Griffin Museum of Photography - “Tree Talk” curated by Paula Tognarelli

2017 – Irvine Fine Arts Center - "All Media 2017" juried by Kim Abeles

2017 – Groundspace Project - “It’s a Wonderful World” curated by Betty Ann Brown

2017 – MuzeuMM - "12 Months"

2017 – Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum - "Immigrant Show" and "Protest Show" curated by Dulce Stein

2017 – The Studio Door, San Diego - "The Crow Show" curated by Kathy Kelsey Foley, Director of Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum

2017 – Downey Arts Coalition - "Dreamscapes"

2016 – Art Share LA - "Holiday Show "and "Perimeter Show"

2016 – Torrance Art Museum - "MAS Attack"

2016 – Gallery 825 - Los Angeles Art Association Annual Benefit Auction

2016 – The Gallery Presents - "Goddess, noun" curated by Dulce Stein

2016 – "CA 101" - curated by Nina Zak Laddon (piece was also the exhibition catalog cover)

2016 – Los Angeles Center for Digital Art - "Top 40 Winners Exhibit" curated by Mat Gleason of Coagula Curatorial & Kathryn Poindexter of the California Museum of Photography

2016 – Palm Springs Art Museum - "Open Desert" Music and Photographic Arts Showcase curated by Cristopher Cichocki

2016 – Art Share LA - 'Shades of Winter' curated by Shana Nys Dambrot, Cheyanne Sauter, Tara Thomas and David Hollen.

2015 – Orange County Center for Contemporary Art - 'Fashionistas Fight Back' curated by Shana Nys Dambrot

2015 – WAV Gallery, Ventura, CA - 'Arts for Earth' curated by Anna Bermudez

2015 – Latino Art Museum - 'Love Is Back' Exhibition

2015 – Water Works II Exhibition curated by Juri Koll of Venice Institute of Contemporary Art, Heather Stobo and Lisa Casoni of Porch Gallery Ojai, LA-based writer/curator Peter Frank and NY-based critic/writer John Yau

2015 – 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles - 'In The Zone 2015 Photography Exhibition' curated by Andrew Overtoom

2015 – Southern California Women's Caucus for Art (SCWCA)'s 'Pulse of LA' Exhibition, curated by Leslie Cozzi, Curatorial Associate at the Hammer Museum

2015 – Orange County Center for Contemporary Art - "Chaos Theory"

2014 – Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825 "Aurora" exhibit