I've been meditating for more than 35 years and am constantly trying to find some peace and to connect with the wonders and mysteries surrounding us and within us. The sacred is all around, in the most mundane things. In 2014, I was on a stroll and suddenly noticed that a dewy leaf also contained a tree with a moon and stars. It was a reminder that the huge is in the tiny; reflections of our connectedness are everywhere. I feel this most in nature - often while staring at the ocean or at a stream. But in 2020 I barely left my house because of Covid-19. I wasn't getting out or shooting at all. So one day nature came to me. I was making soup, and I saw stars and galaxies in a carrot slice on a wet cutting board. I started looking more deeply at everything around me in my confined space and began to see stars in squash and potatoes and nectarines, forests in onion skins, the universe in a clogged sink. This body of work is the result.

Tiny Immensity